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I entered my reading with Erica a curious newcomer and came out a believer. Not in reincarnation, necessarily, as I think the nature of the universe is more complex than my human mind can comprehend, but a believer in Erica's ability to access the field of my being and to read it truly. My reading was kind, safe, astonishing, and incredibly useful. I felt seen and known in a way that was deeply healing. I felt clarified in my path and choices and affirmed in my being. The stories and images that Erica spoke were like dream talismans; I continue to cherish and examine them with wonder and delight. Erica is profoundly gifted. I am profoundly pleased to have her as ally in my ongoing personal healing and growth, and recommend her to you as a clairvoyant and healer with my warmest confidence.

Kristie Dahlia
Home Yoga Instructor and Author
UCSF Medical Center and California Pacific Medical Center

Erica offered my more recent session over the phone. Her grounding and comfort with her skills came through from the outset - erasing any concern I had about being several hundred miles apart. She provided space for me to give voice to the current concerns around which our work would focus, and provided gentle yet potent reflection through the rarefied lens which her intuition and keen perception provide. She was in tune with my state, slowing when I needed more clarification, going as deep as our shared language and history allows. The greatest gift was being seen, held completely without judgment, allowing me a deeper integration of the difficult crossroads where I stood.

Ian W.

Erica Stephens insightful reading was nothing short of "freaky" and comforting. She did a reading and contractual renewal for me and my horse, Dani. At the time I did not know the diagnosis for Dani's injury but Erica was able to see or feel something going on in her left leg region. As it turns out she had a fractured bone that we have been healing ever since.

I could go into detail but the most important point to share is that Erica's sessions are 100% sincere, authentic and effective. If she is not feeling anything, she will tell you. When she re-writes your contract, it is effective. When you work with her, you feel the shift!

I am a bodyworker and own a day spa in San Francisco. I interview and meet many many "healers" on a daily basis. Some are just born with "it" and others need to develop "it". I feel that Erica is just born with "it" and her continual development makes her a clear channel whatever the message is you need to hear.

Corey K.

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